International Asoociation for Biblical Education

International Association for Biblical Education

Membership Fees:

Membership Dues & Fees:
  • Associate Membership fee $100
  • Accredited Membership fees:  

Certificate & Diploma Courses   


Bachelor Degrees    


Master Degree 


Doctorate Degree


Fees are subject to change from time to time.

Membership and Accreditation Terms:

  • Upon approval for membership, a membership certificate will be issued for one year, renewable annually upon payment of the membership fee, submission of a statement of faith, annual report, and financial statement.
  • If membership is not approved, a full refund of the fee will be issued.
  • Member institutions are responsible for covering travel, boarding, and lodging expenses for the IABE Team.
  • When multiple institutions are being accredited or reaccredited simultaneously, expenses will be shared equally among them.
  • Accreditation certificates are valid for three years.
  • Failure to pay membership or accreditation fees may result in termination of accredited or applicant status by the Board of IABE.