International Asoociation for Biblical Education

International Association for Biblical Education

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The International Alliance for Christian Education (IACE) is a global education network encompassing a variety of educational institutions and organizations in the evangelical tradition. The emergence and vital kingdom importance of Christian education as a global phenomenon calls for Christian educators in every global region and at all educational levels to affirm and unite around their mutual commitments to Christ-centeredness and confessional solidarity.

INCHE is a global organization of individuals and institutions, connected with the shared goal of serving Jesus as Lord by fostering the development of Christian higher education worldwide. Together, we achieve this by sharing information and research, equipping others with training and scholarship, and cultivating enduring relationships through networking and mutual exchange.

Founded in 1951, we are an evangelical alliance called to serve churches, institutions and individuals by strategic initiatives, capacity building and forging solidarity, thus facilitating the mission of witnessing to the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed, and nation building.


European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) is a European-based non-governmental, independent, and international quality assurance, rating. certification, and accreditation association, founded in 1997. EAHEA grants accreditation to universities, colleges, schools, educational institutes, vocational institutions, distance learning centers, online courses, and corporations, and grants professional certification to professionals, qualified individuals, instructors, and students. We at EAHEA are very proud of our long and prestigious, rich history. The fact that we help governments for setting the local standards in higher education for many years through our research, publications, conferences, seminars, and partnerships makes us the leader in this effort.


The EduTrust Education Quality Accreditation Association (EEQA) is a non-governmental, independent, international quality assurance, rating and certification organization. EEQA provides institutional certification, program certification, and course certification to higher education institutions, vocational schools, and distance learning centers; at the same time, it also provides professional certification and professional qualification certification to enterprises and individuals. EEQA is proud of its long history, reputation and high credibility. The fact that for 24 years we have helped educational institutions set higher education standards through research, accreditation, publications, conferences, seminars and partnerships makes us a leader in this field.

The Board of Quality Standards is an independent  international quality assurance regulator and a member of the international quality assurance agencies for higher education (INQAAHE). The organization is an independent international legal personality governed by charter to serve as  Quality Assurance  Authoritative Body to promote quality assurance in Higher education and certification bodies.

USAID is the world’s premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results. USAID’s work advances U.S. national security and economic prosperity, demonstrates American generosity, and promotes a path to recipient self-reliance and resilience.

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) is a leading accrediting agency that provides higher education accreditation and training accrediting services. As an education accreditation organization, QAHE is committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of educational institutions around the world through its rigorous accreditation standards and review processes. With a focus on promoting excellence in education, QAHE provides accreditation to institutions that meet its high standards for academic programs, faculty and staff qualifications, student support services, facilities, and resources. As a trusted accrediting agency, QAHE plays a vital role in helping institutions to demonstrate their commitment to quality and in promoting global standards for education. To learn more about QAHE and its accreditation services,

The Saint Martin’s Centre for Research & Accreditation Commission – SMCRAC is a private, non-governmental, self regulated and fastest growing accreditation/rating agency working towards improvement of quality assurance standards round the globe. Federally recognized as a non-profit organization started in affiliation from Australia / India now expanded its reach all across the globe with its office in USA, Canada & Other International Chapters and representative offices. SMCRAC has established high standards of excellence and quality assurance. SMCRAC is currently serving and accrediting Educational Institutions.