International Asoociation for Biblical Education

International Association for Biblical Education

Standards of Accreditation

To ensure quality theological education and accreditation, all applicant institutions must meet the following criteria:
  • Mission and Purpose: The institution must have a clear and compelling mission statement that drives its goals, objectives, and academic programs.

  • Resource Adequacy: The institution must have a well-resourced library, adequate facilities, and up-to-date technology to support student learning.

  • Student Support Services: The institution must provide a range of services, including academic advising, counseling, and career guidance, to support student success.

  • Ethical Guidelines: Adhere to ethical guidelines and best practices in theological education, including integrity, transparency, and accountability in all aspects of institutional operations.

  • Commitment to Biblical Education: The institution must demonstrate a commitment to providing education rooted in biblical principles and teachings.

  • Academic Standards: The institution must maintain rigorous academic standards, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education in theology and related fields.

  • Faculty Qualifications: The institution must employ faculty members who are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise, particularly in biblical studies and theology.

  • Curriculum: The institution must offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of topics relevant to biblical education, including biblical studies, theology, church history, and practical ministry.

  • Institutional Integrity: The institution must operate with integrity and adhere to ethical standards in all aspects of its operations, including governance, finance, and administration.

  • Annual Report: Submit an annual report detailing the institution’s activities, accomplishments, and challenges. This report helps the IABE assess the ongoing commitment to academic excellence and theological integrity.

  • Faith Statement: Provide a comprehensive Statement of Faith that aligns with the core principles of the IABE. This statement should articulate the theological beliefs and values upheld by the institution.

By meeting these criteria, applicant institutions can demonstrate their commitment to quality theological education and accreditation, and ensure that their students recieve a excellent education and preparetion for ministry and service.